Skutch Manos gig tonight!

Join us and experience our brand new world exclusive medley at Central Bar, Wigan!



Skutch Manos gig season approaches!

We’re looking forward to getting back onstage in a town near you! Our first gig of the season will be Friday 6th April at Central Bar, Wigan. Check out some tunes from our latest album ‘101010’ to get you in the mood!

Jubacana gig – success!

What a pleasure it was to perform with Jubacana at our spring open night! Thanks so much to everyone who came along to support, drum, dance, and raise funds for the Global Grooves ‘Back From The Ashes’ crowdfunder.




Jubacana open night and gig!

Tonight! Jubacana open night at 6:45-7:30pm to welcome new members, friends, and families to come and see what we’ve been up to and close our recent Kerrching project funded by Oldham Youth Council . Additional fundraiser towards the recent Global Grooves fire at Ray Mill.

New gigs announced!

I’m delighted to announce a solid chunk of Skutch Manos, Juba do Leão, and Jubacana gigs coming up! See ‘gigs’ page for more info…